We are first indigenous Disable People Organization founded by a group of Somali professionals who felt that PwDs needed value-based abilities to cope with life’s challenges in Somalia context. We Believe that if PWDs are Empowered with Skills, they are able to make the right choices through Situational Analysis, Critical Thinking and making Informed Decisions thereby reducing their vulnerability. Some of our achievements are:

  • We provide relief Aid to victims of climate change including those with disabilities where we drilled bore holes, provided water, food and nonfood items and medical Aid.
  • DAF has donated three ambulances to support medical treatment at Madina School.
  • We have provided scholarship to CwDs.
  • DAF has also organized seasonal and special programs i.e the meals during Ramadhan to families of person with disabilities.
  • In Education we provided technical support to ADRA is a leading agency on education in teaching methods of Children with Special Needs.
  • We have conducted awareness programs on disability inclusive development.
  • We support the access of CwDs in education with more focus on the girl child