Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Somalia is characterized by high temperatures, low average rainfall and perennial droughts which has perennially affected the livelihoods of inhabitants with more damage to PwDs. Increasing persistent drought and failed rains over the past decade have had devastating impacts on already degraded lands. These conditions and dependency on rain-fed agriculture leaves a majority of citizens in Somalia highly vulnerable to climate change. Poverty levels are generally high. Access to food is limited leading to high process of available food. To mitigate the challenges associated to harsh climatic conditions, DAF works to promote integration of environmental reclamation and conservation initiatives to disability inclusive development programmes as a strategy to create safety nets for vulnerable PwDs and the community. The key areas of our focus include;

  1. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION: Our goal is to strengthen respect for the environment in the target communities so that they are increasingly adapting and spreading environmental conservation methods that are safe to PwDs. We work through emphasize more on tree planting in the communities, establishment of community seed banks and help facilitate communities to plan and run environment related activities e.g. Tree planting days DAF highly involve the PwDs who will be required to give information on the same. The PwDs groups source for specific environment conservation concerns that will enable efficient dissemination of the environmental conservation knowledge.
  2. WATER HARVESTING AND CONSERVATION: Scarcity of water is one of the most serious problems experienced by PwDs and their communities. Rainfall is erratic and natural water sources like rivers are few; many communities are far from water sources. This leads to people, especially PwDs and the aged, walking long distances in search of water for livestock, crop irrigation and domestic use. DAF trains PWDs groups on simple and affordable techniques of water harvesting. We also support drilling of boreholes and avail portable waters when need be.
  3. RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECT: DAF works towards promoting access to clean and affordable green energy sources by the poor households in communities. The projects include Solar energy, access and energy saving cook-stoves production and promotion in neighborhood communities to improve living conditions for PWDs and families.

The Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Programme Milestones:

One global Welfare, SOS Muslims and Gifting Humanity supported DAF to respond to emergency related disaster through drilling 75 wells, providing Non-Food Items and Food Items and providing medical relief to over 2000 affected families including families with PwDs