Disability Rights & Advocacy

Disability Rights & Advocacy

This programme seeks to contribute towards influencing positive changes and efficiency in the rights delivery of PWDs in terms of promoting access to Justice for PWDs. DAF strategy is to reduce the vulnerability of PwDs at community level through community mobilization and actions. The proposed actions target stakeholders including Government, local community, Local Administrators, PWDs groups and community-based organizations. PWDs rights are human rights hence the need for their protection against abuses that deny them rights to justice, education, survival and development is vital. Gender based violence (GBV) issues have also been mainstreamed to enhance protection of Women with Disabilities facing domestic violence and neglect. The key activities under this programme include the following;

Training relevant stakeholders on disability rights and emerging trends and legislations on disability protection issues.
Establishment of PWDs Protection Units in core government services
Rights Awareness and Promotion of Disability rights clubs in schools
Strengthening networks and working with legal bodies to facilitate legal guardianship and representation children.
The disability rights and advocacy programme objectives:

To establish PwDs protection framework within community and community schools to manage emerging protection issues.

The disability rights and advocacy programme milestones:

With support of IBLIS Foundation DAF has been leading advocate for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disability from Somalia in all spheres of life. We successfully advocated for the integration of persons with disabilities in Somalia through creating awareness and influencing policies.

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