The education programme is the key rehabilitative programme employed by DAF in rehabilitating, restoring hope and nurturing talents of Children and youths with disabilities in Somalia. The programme is tailored to enable beneficiaries’ access both basic and highest education possible through enhancing Inclusive Education (IE). Education is both a right in itself and a means of realizing other human rights. DAF works in partnership and collaboration to support local communities in Somalia access quality education which is inclusive of all including Children with Disabilities (CwDs). To realize our goal in the education sector, we strive towards removing the social, communicative, attitudinal, physical, and policy-related barriers towards children with special needs so that the learning environment can be enabling. Our programs are guided by the;

  • United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC)
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights for Persons with Disability (UNCRPD).

DAF contributes to improved access and better quality of learning through four strategic focus areas namely:

  • Education in Emergencies (EiE);
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET);
  • Education Sector Development and Teacher Education Development.

The education programme objectives:

To support children with disabilities in Somalia to pursue an education in mainstream, specialized and/or vocational institutions.

DAF Education Projects.


SEAQE project’s objective is that all learners, regardless of background, ability, and gender, equitably access, engage and learn in inclusive educational institutions. DAF role in this project is to mainstream the component of disability to enhance access to education to Children with Disabilities (CwDs). ADRA Somalia thus mandated DAF to:

  • Train Teachers in Basic Braille Literacy
  • Provide training on Special Needs Education Centers and Support creation of SNEs centers.
  • Supported the development of teaching and learning Aids for CwDs

DAF works in the AGES project as a disable people organization mandates to develop innovative approaches and models that facilitate social change amongst the target communities in Somalia in order to encourage girls with disability enrollment and retention in schools. DAF is working closely with the communities, religious leaders, community education committees and civil society to promote enrolment, retain and protection of GwDs.