Health, Rehabilitation and Care Program

This programme aims at transforming the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerable persons through increasing awareness, offering technical support and training on rehabilitation and care.

With the support of our partner One Life Global Welfare based in the United Kingdom (UK), DAF has been using Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) approach to assist PwDs and older persons through community outreach awareness and rehabilitation initiative. In Somalia, PwDs and older persons are most vulnerable. We use CBR approach since it enables inclusion and participation for disabled people in Somalia context.  Our work in Rehabilitation and Care Programme is an interagency referrals framework informed by CBR approach to ensure that the mapped clients receive health, psychosocial support and assessment.  Importantly DAF also identifies, rehabilitate and enhances family-based support through training and technical support.


The rehabilitation and care programme objectives:

  • Creating an atmosphere of acceptance for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups
  • Raising awareness in the community regarding their abilities, needs and protection services and assistance when their rights are threatened.
  • Enhancing PwDs self-esteem and values to ensure their dignity and values are restored and thus their life status enhanced.
  • Promoting medical and corrective rehabilitation through various referral to hospitals within and outside the country for surgery and other specialist management.
  • Facilitating small scale income generating activities in order to reduce one’s dependency on the local community.
  • Being a strategic partner organization with international and local organizations to influence government departments to promote and support people with disabilities so that they get their rights as stipulated in the laws of the land.


The rehabilitation and care programme Milestones:

With support of One Life Global Welfare DAF was able to:

  • Provide assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and the elderly population. People who have disabilities often have difficulty performing activities of daily living independently, or even with assistance. In partnership with our partners we gave close to 1400 PwDs wheel chairs.
  • Enhance the movement of Children with Visual Impairment and Deaf by donating a school van to help them reach the school in time and in dignified and acceptable way.
  • Donated three ambulances to Madina Hospital in Mogadishu to help rescues the vulnerable and needy persons including PwDs