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Disability Aid Foundation (DAF) is a disability – focused organization that seeks to empower Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and their communities in Somalia and across Africa. The foundation advocates for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities. DAF works with multidisciplinary team, applying a trans disciplinary approach with partners and communities to build an inclusive society where persons with disabilities have equal access to education, health, and social protection services. DAF focuses on persons with disabilities because they extremely marginalized and affected by protracted conflict in Somalia. PWDs are disproportionately and likely to live in poverty due to the humanitarian crisis and, too often, lack access to education, health care, employment opportunities, housing, social protection systems, justice, cultural expression and participation in development. The ability of persons with disabilities to participate in society is often frustrated because of a variety of societal, environmental, and communication barriers. They remain vulnerable and marginalized, may be hidden at homes, missed in needs assessments, and not consulted in development of programs. Our aim is therefore to:
1. Provide tools on various disability-related issues to ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities in society and development;
2. Support the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and disability inclusive development in context of Somalia;
3. Reduce the prevalence of diseases that cause disability.
4. Promote equal opportunities for economic empowerment, livelihood security and full inclusion in all aspects of society for persons with disabilities including access to health and education.
5. Advocate for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disability in all spheres of life.

To provide inclusive and accessible social, development and relief services to all by working with individuals, the community and government to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities.

DAF envisions “An informed, healthy and empowered society that is inclusive of Persons with disabilities.

We believe that by ‘Investing in the potential of Persons with Disabilities and their communities’, we shall have a society where PWDs have a voice and space to participate in all aspects of life and live dignified lives.

Our highest ambition is to help people.


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